are we alone in the universe essay

Free Essay: This was known as the Drake equation. This equation gave an estimated amount of 200 to 400 billion intelligent civilizations outside earth....
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Free Essay: The Roswell Incident was never meticulously explained by the government, this had caused people to speculate that we had been visited by...
Are we Alone In the Universe Essay - Do aliens exist. For eons, mankind has pondered over this peculiar question and a revealing truth has yet to be answered. However, one thing is known for sure, the discovery of intelligent alien life outside of Earth would provide support to prove and/or disprove fundamental beliefs that
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What we know life ranges from large complex life forms such as elephants, to small single celled organisms that can only be seen with a microscope, life that is present and exists on earth, but the question that we must ask ourselves: does life exists somewhere else in the universe? In my opinion, other life forms do exist, but
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